Less is more

i’ve started running recently as my chosen exercise to go with the Slow Carb Diet. although i am kinda expecting that this will increase my appetite which will make it a bit more challenging to keep with the SCD program. i like eating rice when i’m ravenous and nothing seems to make me feel satiated but. to be sure i really don’t need the cardio but i figure it’ll be good to pick up a new habit. not only would this be good for my body, but it’s said to be good for the brain too. and i like that side effect.

last week, i ran a few times, doing it every other day. this week, i got me an exercise partner, Jaymee. she is from the same community i belong to. our community recently resolved to start exercising more. you know how they say one is simply compelled to change for two reasons? the first being one has learned enough to do so, and the other, one has been hurt so badly that it has no choice but to change.

i guess my friends from the community, well, myself included, fall under the latter in this particular instance. we’ve likely come to realize that our health should be a priority as we are all experiencing our bodies’ limitations. clothes don’t fit the same, don’t fall the same on our bodies as we discover new bulges that have made a home to parts of it however unwelcome we make it feel, short of breath after every couple of hundred meters of walking (walking!),muscles ache at the slightest exertion, joints creak. the list under pain being the impetus for change goes on.

now i’m not saying that doing cardio will not have any benefits. i already mentioned above that it is highly beneficial both physically and mentally. but for body sculpting, less is more. and adding cardio exercises may actually slow it down if not outright reverse ones progress.

in the same book where Tim Ferris explains the Slow Carb Diet, he also writes about the 4 Hour Body. you read that right. just 4 hours of strategic exercises A MONTH. not a day. not a week. but 4 hours a month. and one of the key exercises he recommends is the kettlebell swing.

remember this bad boy? 😛


40 swings every other day is all you need. to start! of course we need to level up with every strength gain we make.

the other exercises he recommends are easier to do and pretty convenient too as these don’t need any special equipment to execute.

just repeat these 40-50 times:

-wall press ups ( i do two sets of 20 reps )

-squats (40 reps and a battery of curses from my thighs later, i die )


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