Going dark and finding light

so i was craving dark chocolate today and i wanted to find out if the sugar content of an 80% dark chocolate was acceptable. (yeah, yeah. it’s still sweet and has sugar. but i think it’s better to indulge and compromise a little than completely sabotage and abandon the program. baby steps!) so i started searching for its nutritional value online and came upon this website: calorie count.

i dunno if you’re familiar with it but i think it’s a brilliant site for those of us wanting to monitor our weight and/or calorie intake/expenditure. it also has a community of kindred spirits who are also on the same journey. and if you ask me, having a community where you can share your struggles and victories with gives one a big advantage in reaching one’s goal and keeping on track. i’m big on accountability and support. since i’m still developing willpower and self-discipline, i find it essential, critical! that i set my environment to help me.

why don’t you check it out, try it, and see if it helps. 😉

oh! and here’s what i found out about the dark chocolate.

80% dark chocolate



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