Love for a change

have you ever been guilty of abandoning an endeavor because you got bored? or distracted?

well, lately, i’ve been tempted to do so regarding journaling my progress here on this blog. i admit, i get easily distracted and when i do, i usually let go of what i’m currently doing and move on to another thing. but praise God for surrounding me with people who remind me that consistency and persistence is key if i am to see results. if i want to breakthrough this pattern of mine of mediocrity and half baked attempts then the only way really to do that is to keep on keeping on despite what i feel. and like i said, lately, i feel like not doing it.

more than anything, it’s my mind that this endeavor has been tough on. my body can take the punishment (and it isn’t really much to be honest. especially since it’s been recommended to do just the minimum effective dose.) to get past the thinking that i can make up for lost opportunities to do said minimum effective dose of the recommended exercises. or that i can get away with a serving of carbohydrates on days other than my cheat day. i slack off. i forgive myself too easily.

now before you protest and tell me that it’s all good, let me just stop you right there.

thing is, i want to change. i started this journey to begin with because i do! and i’m not doing it because i hate my current body or because i have some twisted body image. on the contrary, i am taking on this journey because i want to show it some love for a change. i want to take care of it. but lately i haven’t been doing a very good job. i want to have that discipline. i want to strengthen my willpower, and being gentle and babying my ego will not do it. justifying and rationalizing stumbles, this has always been my way. i wanna try something different. coz my old ways aren’t working for me anymore.

what about you? what excuse did you let slip today? how did you fail to show your body, your self, some love?


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