Breakfast: Still the most important meal of the day

in the past when i went on the Slow Carb Diet, i always made myself an omelet for breakfast. i’d use three eggs and chop some bacon or ham, add mushrooms and chinese parsley. but since i learned how to make poached eggs, i’ve never had my eggs done any other way. (okay, maybe sometimes i’d have half boiled eggs and even less frequently, soft boiled eggs)

below is the technique i recently discovered on how to make perfect poached eggs. enjoy!

things you need:

1 small pot

two whole eggs

that’s it!

first, prepare your eggs. you have to crack them open, each into a separate bowl. this will make it easier to put the eggs in the middle of the pot and helps keep the yolk intact. next, you gotta fill the pot with water to about three inches high. then heat the water until it starts boiling slightly. you’ll see bubbles gently coming up from the bottom of the pot at this point. wait a couple more minutes until the water is just about to boil a little more violently. we generally don’t like violence so at this point we take our pot off the heat or just turn the stove off, then stir the water till you see the face of your future partner. ;p kidding. take care not to spill any hot water on you.

pour one egg into the middle of the swirling water and wait until the egg white and yolk are cooked. hopefully, your egg remains intact and you didn’t just make egg soup. five minutes would be enough to cook the egg but you can check by scooping up the egg and jiggling it a bit. if it jiggles a lot but like your yolks runny then i guess it’s okay to take it out of the pot and start on the other one. but if not, and you prefer your yolks a bit more cooked, then keep it in the pot for another couple of minutes.

i know this is tedious since you have to get the heat going again for the other egg but so far this is the technique i found most effective. try it. the effort is worth it. i promise.

   DSC_1054 this was breakfast, btw. just 100 more attempts at poaching eggs and i’d get them right and perfect. 😉


Eating my words

i know. i know. just a post ago i said that variety is overrated and that one should opt for repetition. but, hey. if you don’t like monotony, have will power like (;p) and got a ton of time in your hands then go right ahead and add options to your meals.

to save you some time though, why don’t you just head on to and check out her recipes. most of them have fruits as an ingredient so maybe you can make them on your cheat days. they look super easy to do. plus, i’ve tried some of them and they’re actually quite good! if you feel guilty eating junk on cheat day, then you can try these recipes guilt-free. healthy treats, i tell ya!

have fun!

Variety is overrated

boring repetition is a key to success on this program. prepare three dishes to last you several servings throughout the week. this saves you time and eliminates the need to think about what to eat for your next meal. i found that when i miss a meal, forget to eat and i’m in a state of hunger, i often succumb to my cravings and end up eating fastfood especially when i don’t have anything prepared beforehand.

not. good.

so to avoid that, it is best to be ready with food premade for the week. a friend of mine has been doing this for a few weeks now and not only has she lost some weight but she also managed to save money since she doesn’t go out for lunch anymore.

there are certain foods (with an s coz we like international fare too) that i go back to over and over and over again, never getting tired of their taste. and thankfully these are the same dishes that can be eaten while on the Slow-Carb Diet.

like the meals i ate in Day 1, below are links to recipes of dishes that you can enjoy in any, yes, any quantity as well the recipes of dishes i previously posted.

top of my list is ginisang munggo or sauteed mung beans. this is my main source of carbohydrates. i like making this because i can make and eat as much as i want of it, and it goes well with many other dishes. i like eating munggo with smoked fish or fried chicken or spare ribs. (drool)

when i make this, i use chicken stock (i make my own!) to boil the mung beans in. i don’t know. for me it makes a difference. but some of the recipes here include pork or shrimp and if you want to follow that, then you can skip the chicken stock. anyway, here are a few links to munggo recipes you can try:




an important note, and it might be an obvious one, the writers of these recipes recommend eating this dish with rice. DON’T. at least not when you’re on the program where any carbohydrate that can be white should be avoided. your main source of carbs should come from beans and lentils.

here are other dishes you can try:

1. chicken mechado

2. chicken pork adobo

3. chopsuey with quail eggs

4. pinakbet

mexican food is also perfect for the slow carb diet. just replace rice with more beans or veggies. or how about a serving of guacamole? yummmm. indian dishes are also good although i find it hard to eat butter chicken or dal (my favorites!) without naan or prata. sigh.

when i’m not being too strict on myself or when i’m really craving something greasy, i get myself some fried chicken. nevermind that it’s got some breading. i’ll just off set it by doing squats before eating. sooo worth the pain.



Day 1- Fat loss and Muscle gain (continued)

still on Day 1. yes!

boy! keeping a blog is demanding. i mean, a blog that’s supposed to monitor my progress. i have others but i only post entries on those when i feel like it. i can’t do that here. among all the other things i’m attempting, i need to make this a habit. whew.

anyway, onward and upward!

hmmm… where were we? oh, yeah! sharing with you how to get to 25% body fat.

so first of all, i dived into this program again head first. meaning, i haven’t stocked the kitchen with food recommended by the Slow-Carb Diet nor have i prepared my mind for this undertaking. the kitchen nor i weren’t near ready when i decided to get into the program again.

but when i remembered what i was doing this for, my brain kicked my body into gear and then off we went. i spent the day at the grocery picking out food necessary for the reshaping of my body. but before i did that, i first sprang out of bed and grabbed my kettle bell.

yes. a kettle bell.

this is my best ally in sculpting my body in no time. not only did it help me burn fat faster, the kettle bell swings made me stronger and it improved my posture. it’s true! i felt a big improvement then with how i carried myself. i felt light and there was a spring in my step.

here is my baby. there’s a reason why it’s on a pillow but i’m too tired to write about it. lol


so 40 kettle bell swings. that was all the exercise i did for Day 1. as for my meals, it is recommended to eat every four hours but i sometimes forget to do that. but i did eat 4 times, careful not to wait till i was very hungry, as prescribed in the program. below are pics of what i ate throughout the day.


this was breakfast at 6:31am. that’s 2 soft boiled eggs and a bowl of munggo. yummmm!


lunch at 11:51am was two bowls of munggo and a serving of chicken mechado.


for my 4pm snack, i dug into the fridge for whatever veggies i could find (cucumbers!) and i bought some roasted chicken from my favorite roaster. that’s 1/4 chicken, in case you’re wondering. oh. and i bought the chicken at Ogie’s. 🙂

i wasn’t able to take a picture of dinner but i just ate the rest of the roasted chicken i bought that afternoon. i was still full from afternoon snack so that was all i had. plus, i was too lazy to prepare a salad so there.

Day 1- Fat loss and Muscle gain

this is a late post, actually, so i wanna apologize. i will say that i will not try to post my progress everyday as i agree with Yoda when he said, there is no try. so i will, from now on, post everyday what my day on this program looks like. and since i was unable to post yesterday, i am gonna show you how i did these past two days.

yesterday was pretty easy. i set my alarm to wake me up at 5:30am. i jumped out of bed and immediately weighed myself and took my measurements. i made sure i didn’t forget this step because had i forgotten, i wouldn’t have any information to base my progress on. so as much as i dreaded finding out what my measurements were, i got my tape and faced the truth head on.

the results are in:

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Beginning again

*cough* *cough*

this site has gathered dust on my blog shelf since i created it more than a year ago. i guess i got preoccupied with other things that i forgot i created a site dedicated to transforming one’s body into a lean, mean, fighting machine. heh. okay. at least, a leaner, less pudgy and less exhausted body.

i don’t consider myself fat by any means and by claiming that i am i know i will be annoying if not offending many people out there. from the outside, i look like someone who has just the right build. i won’t catch the attention of filipino mothers whose definition of healthy is having a double chin. a double everything for that matter. and unless you look like this, in their minds, it is imperative that you get fed asap, and fed a lot.

anyway, though i may not be overweight, my body composition falls under obese. why? because my body fat percentage is 33%. my body is 1/3 fat. (i have pics to prove it. which i will post soon enough. gulp.) this knowledge makes me even more determined to achieve the beach body i’ve always wanted to have since i hit 30. story of our lives, isn’t it? no problems with our metabolism, shoving in our mouths anything we want to eat as often as we want to eat them, and then, BAM! thirty happens. as we may all know, our metabolism slows down dramatically when we reach this age. unless of course, you do some tweaking and lifehack your body into a turbo charged calorie burning machine. and you can!

i have tried this program before and have seen quick and promising results. but i was the kind of person then that when rewarded too early abandons the endeavor because it’s easy to do and go back to.

so what has brought me back here to try the program again and this time with deeper, stronger resolve?

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