If at first you don’t succeed

so finally, after a few false starts, a handful of tumbles, today i got a handle of my meals. and my cravings, too. fortunately for me, the latter wasn’t too much of a problem today and i think it’s because i ate within 30 minutes of waking which means my blood sugar level hasn’t dipped to feed-me-greasy-rich-sweet-and-savory-crap-or-you-die depths.

the first two weeks were quite tricky but then i expected that since it really takes me a while to build momentum and possess the proper mindset for this program. i told you i dived into this head first. but the key is persistence! in the past i would have just thrown my hands up in the air and give up. but not this time.

so far, i have moved towards and away from my goal. you can see how my body composition has changed since i started in the chart below.

Journey to 25% BF

two things i’m keeping in mind now in order to stay on track. the first one was preparedness. i can’t just wing this if i want to succeed. the second one is persistence. obviously, i won’t be able to reach my goal if i don’t keep at it. though the numbers may look discouraging, i know exactly what caused them which means i know exactly what to do to avoid getting those abysmal numbers again.