Day 12 – fat loss and muscle gain

i meant for this blog to contain photo logs of my every meal. that way i’d be forced to eat right since failing to do so means failing publicly.

didn’t work.

i found out i have a high tolerance for embarrassment. probably the result of years and years of failure. heh. i guess having a thick skin has its down side. no matter. i will still post those pics here, healthy and on track or not.

imma brag today since i ate well. 😉

DSC_1140[1] this was breakfast today. i prepared and ate it about fifteen minutes after waking. i haven’t made an omelet i months and i would’ve preferred poached eggs still but right now i am going for convenience and speed. 

oh! over the weekend, i did my groceries and got me ingredients to make some pickled veggies, chilli and fresh salad. my wife said i probably got carried away with it. what do you think?

IMG-1408871375369-V[1] i don’t think i did. i mean, i was buying stuff for the whole week. and besides, the people at home sometimes get some of the food i prepare. 🙂


DSC_1141[1]  so this one’s lunch. now before you react, let me explain. first of all, i didn’t eat the whole thing. second of all i didn’t touch the fries. okay, maybe i got two. three. four tops! i swear!

DSC_1142[1] and this, was my snack this afternoon.i remembered to take a picture of it midway through the meal. whew. i had it a little late, around 5pm so now i still feel full. i guess i can have dinner at 8:30pm.

for now, i got to run. literally. 😉


One bite at a time

so this is what my meals look like. i got me my staples. for breakfast, it’s eggs. for the other three meals of the day, i include, as much as possible, veggies and chicken.

to make it easier to remember what i can eat, i just stay away from any carbs that can be white. no sugars, too. the only sweetener i can consume is stevia.

sometimes, like what i mentioned in a previous post, my cravings get the better of me and what i eat instead are these:


got me this corndog before watching a movie. actually, my brother bought it. i bought the tickets for the movie and he took care of dinner.


lunch out with my mom at pancake house. i love their burgers there so that was what i ordered. heh.


california maki twister

afternoon snack while waiting for my mom finish doing the groceries. this is my favorite. a california maki twister. 😛

wait, now. in my defense. in my defense, i… i…

i got nothin’. i got no excuse but stupidity and laziness. pffff.

i told my accountability partner, aka my wife, that from now on, i won’t leave the house without my prepared meals with me. a bit of an inconvenience, sure, but a small price to pay in exchange for my goal. 😉

Breakfast: Still the most important meal of the day

in the past when i went on the Slow Carb Diet, i always made myself an omelet for breakfast. i’d use three eggs and chop some bacon or ham, add mushrooms and chinese parsley. but since i learned how to make poached eggs, i’ve never had my eggs done any other way. (okay, maybe sometimes i’d have half boiled eggs and even less frequently, soft boiled eggs)

below is the technique i recently discovered on how to make perfect poached eggs. enjoy!

things you need:

1 small pot

two whole eggs

that’s it!

first, prepare your eggs. you have to crack them open, each into a separate bowl. this will make it easier to put the eggs in the middle of the pot and helps keep the yolk intact. next, you gotta fill the pot with water to about three inches high. then heat the water until it starts boiling slightly. you’ll see bubbles gently coming up from the bottom of the pot at this point. wait a couple more minutes until the water is just about to boil a little more violently. we generally don’t like violence so at this point we take our pot off the heat or just turn the stove off, then stir the water till you see the face of your future partner. ;p kidding. take care not to spill any hot water on you.

pour one egg into the middle of the swirling water and wait until the egg white and yolk are cooked. hopefully, your egg remains intact and you didn’t just make egg soup. five minutes would be enough to cook the egg but you can check by scooping up the egg and jiggling it a bit. if it jiggles a lot but like your yolks runny then i guess it’s okay to take it out of the pot and start on the other one. but if not, and you prefer your yolks a bit more cooked, then keep it in the pot for another couple of minutes.

i know this is tedious since you have to get the heat going again for the other egg but so far this is the technique i found most effective. try it. the effort is worth it. i promise.

   DSC_1054 this was breakfast, btw. just 100 more attempts at poaching eggs and i’d get them right and perfect. 😉