Day 15 – Fat loss and muscle gain

so, i am now on Day 15 of the program and i figured it’s time to check my progress.

earlier today, i took pictures of myself in the same clothes as i did on day one so that i can see if there have been changes, if at all. i placed them side by side to make it easier to see. but, alas. no change yet. which for me is still a good thing because at least i’m not gaining any weight despite cheating on this thing. oops. i mean… errr… hehe.

anyway, here ya go.


after 15 days

                           after 15 days

 like i said, no difference at all. below are the other pics i took.

image  image  image  

image  image  now this post is not to discredit the Slow Carb Diet or the Four Hour Body. not at all. the lack of change in my body composition is all on me. i am eating better now but obviously, a stricter adherence to the program is required. i think i overdid the exercise a bit. (yes! there is such a thing.) my appetite always increases when i up my physical activity. i expected this from the start. so from now on, i’ll stick to the weights (which require no more than 5 minutes to do. this is probably the reason i add other activities. the Four Hour Body workouts make me think like i haven’t done enough to initiate fat burning) and no cardio.

oh, and some bonus pictures. ;P


image  got carried away there during the shoot. and i felt a bit playful.

so there you have it. 15 days into this program and all we got so far are funny poses. imma keep at it till it becomes a habit. the program, not the poses. till it’s no longer a struggle to ignore my cravings. till i don’t have to drag my butt out of bed to do my kettlebell swings. till… well, till i’m 85. (i’ll spare you the pics before then, don’t worry.)


Day 12 – fat loss and muscle gain

i meant for this blog to contain photo logs of my every meal. that way i’d be forced to eat right since failing to do so means failing publicly.

didn’t work.

i found out i have a high tolerance for embarrassment. probably the result of years and years of failure. heh. i guess having a thick skin has its down side. no matter. i will still post those pics here, healthy and on track or not.

imma brag today since i ate well. 😉

DSC_1140[1] this was breakfast today. i prepared and ate it about fifteen minutes after waking. i haven’t made an omelet i months and i would’ve preferred poached eggs still but right now i am going for convenience and speed. 

oh! over the weekend, i did my groceries and got me ingredients to make some pickled veggies, chilli and fresh salad. my wife said i probably got carried away with it. what do you think?

IMG-1408871375369-V[1] i don’t think i did. i mean, i was buying stuff for the whole week. and besides, the people at home sometimes get some of the food i prepare. 🙂


DSC_1141[1]  so this one’s lunch. now before you react, let me explain. first of all, i didn’t eat the whole thing. second of all i didn’t touch the fries. okay, maybe i got two. three. four tops! i swear!

DSC_1142[1] and this, was my snack this afternoon.i remembered to take a picture of it midway through the meal. whew. i had it a little late, around 5pm so now i still feel full. i guess i can have dinner at 8:30pm.

for now, i got to run. literally. 😉

Variety is overrated

boring repetition is a key to success on this program. prepare three dishes to last you several servings throughout the week. this saves you time and eliminates the need to think about what to eat for your next meal. i found that when i miss a meal, forget to eat and i’m in a state of hunger, i often succumb to my cravings and end up eating fastfood especially when i don’t have anything prepared beforehand.

not. good.

so to avoid that, it is best to be ready with food premade for the week. a friend of mine has been doing this for a few weeks now and not only has she lost some weight but she also managed to save money since she doesn’t go out for lunch anymore.

there are certain foods (with an s coz we like international fare too) that i go back to over and over and over again, never getting tired of their taste. and thankfully these are the same dishes that can be eaten while on the Slow-Carb Diet.

like the meals i ate in Day 1, below are links to recipes of dishes that you can enjoy in any, yes, any quantity as well the recipes of dishes i previously posted.

top of my list is ginisang munggo or sauteed mung beans. this is my main source of carbohydrates. i like making this because i can make and eat as much as i want of it, and it goes well with many other dishes. i like eating munggo with smoked fish or fried chicken or spare ribs. (drool)

when i make this, i use chicken stock (i make my own!) to boil the mung beans in. i don’t know. for me it makes a difference. but some of the recipes here include pork or shrimp and if you want to follow that, then you can skip the chicken stock. anyway, here are a few links to munggo recipes you can try:




an important note, and it might be an obvious one, the writers of these recipes recommend eating this dish with rice. DON’T. at least not when you’re on the program where any carbohydrate that can be white should be avoided. your main source of carbs should come from beans and lentils.

here are other dishes you can try:

1. chicken mechado

2. chicken pork adobo

3. chopsuey with quail eggs

4. pinakbet

mexican food is also perfect for the slow carb diet. just replace rice with more beans or veggies. or how about a serving of guacamole? yummmm. indian dishes are also good although i find it hard to eat butter chicken or dal (my favorites!) without naan or prata. sigh.

when i’m not being too strict on myself or when i’m really craving something greasy, i get myself some fried chicken. nevermind that it’s got some breading. i’ll just off set it by doing squats before eating. sooo worth the pain.



Day 1- Fat loss and Muscle gain

this is a late post, actually, so i wanna apologize. i will say that i will not try to post my progress everyday as i agree with Yoda when he said, there is no try. so i will, from now on, post everyday what my day on this program looks like. and since i was unable to post yesterday, i am gonna show you how i did these past two days.

yesterday was pretty easy. i set my alarm to wake me up at 5:30am. i jumped out of bed and immediately weighed myself and took my measurements. i made sure i didn’t forget this step because had i forgotten, i wouldn’t have any information to base my progress on. so as much as i dreaded finding out what my measurements were, i got my tape and faced the truth head on.

the results are in:

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